Campaign: Help protect bees from harmful pesticides


Bees have been in the news a lot in the past few years but still it seems that people, particularly those working for chemical giants, don't seem to have grasped how important it is that we do everything we can to protect our bees. Some good news is that chemical company, Bayer, have just lost a court case in which it sued Friends of the Earth Germany over its claims that a pesticide called thiacloprid harms bees. But this isn't the end and, unbelievably, in a separate case Bayer and pesticide firm Syngenta are using the courts to try and overturn Europe’s current ban on three different neonicotinoid pesticides. Each were found to pose a “high acute risk” to honey bees but these companies seem to be all about profit and don't care that their products are helping wipe out the honey bee. Thiacloprid is not one of the banned pesticides and is still being sold across Europe.

We need a stronger ban on neonicotinoid pesticides so please join me and Friends of the Earth in taking a few minutes to send an email to ask Vytenis Andriukaitis, Europe's Pesticides Commissioner, “to stand up to chemical giants, such as Bayer, and strengthen the current ban on bee-harming pesticides”.

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