Spring clean eco-friendly home: Cleaning with bicarbonate of soda

If you're doing a spring clean, try cleaning with bicarbonate of soda as it could replace many of your cleaning products. It's a cheap, non-toxic, safe and easy-to-use product which is why you should consider using bicarbonate of soda for cleaning. It's also incredibly versatile which makes it my favourite green and eco-friendly cleaning product.

Get rid of your usual cleaning items and replace with bicarbonate of soda to reduce your impact on the environment and the number of harmful chemicals in your house plus create more space in your cleaning cupboard. Cleaning with bicarbonate of soda is so simple and effective that no eco-friendly home should be without this traditional, old-fashioned product. Sometimes the old ones really are the best!

Bicarbonate of soda for cleaning

As with trying any new products, make sure you do a spot test first.

Clean hard surfaces

Pour a little onto a damp sponge or cleaning cloth and wipe. Then wipe over area with clean, damp sponge or cloth. Suitable for use on glass, tiles, porcelain, stainless steel and chrome.

Remove surface stains

Cover the stain with bicarbonate of soda and add enough water to make a paste. After several minutes scrub with a sponge and wipe away.

Deodorise smells on clothing

Pour a little in with your laundry liquid or washing powder to deodorise smells on clothing such as body odour.

Remove oil and grease stains from clothing

Add 100ml to your detergent compartment in your washing machine.

Keep sinks draining freely

Pour 100ml down the plughole followed by boiling water once a week. So much better, cheaper and safer than buying products such as Mr Muscle which can cause burns and release dangerous gases.

Clean and remove odours in carpets, rugs and mats

Sprinkle bicarbonate of soda liberally on the carpet and then ideally leave it overnight or as long as possible. Use a brush to sweep up as much as you can then vacuum up the rest. You can also use this method to clean up spills after you've mopped up what you can, then follow the instructions as before. This gives you a clean carpet without the horrible chemical smell left behind after they've been professionally cleaned.

Prevent pet odours

Sprinkle some in the bottom of the cat litter tray and a little on top of the new litter.

Combat cigarette smoke smells

Smokers can add it to ashtrays to control smells from cigarettes and cigars.

Deodorise plastic containers and nappies

Four tablespoons of bicarbonate of soda poured into 1 litre of warm water makes a great deodorising solution for plastic containers and for soaking washable nappies that smell of ammonia.

Use as a mouthwash

It can also be used as a mouthwash to get rid of garlic breath.

Clean brass

Apply a paste of bicarbonate of soda and water with a soft cloth and rubbing. Wipe clean with fresh cloth.

Washing up

Scour with neat bicarbonate of soda or make a paste with water and use to clean cooking dishes, saucepans, and ovens without special surfaces. Brilliant for removing tea stains from cups, mugs and spoons.

Cleaning the oven

Make the next time you clean your oven much easier by wiping the inside of your clean oven with a solution of 1 heaped tablespoon of bicarbonate of soda to 1/2 pint water.

Buy bicarbonate of soda

Bicarbonate of soda is widely available from hardware shops and supermarkets but the most cost-effective way is to buy it from an Asian supermarket. I buy it in 1.5kg bags. Also available online from:

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  1. I have got to try this baking soda idea. I have been looking for eco cleaners and the recipes always seem to call for something difficult to get here in Ecuador – lavender essence or apple cider vinegar. Thanks for the tips!

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