Review: The People’s Operator (TPO) Ethical mobile phone network

The People's Operator (TPO), an ethical mobile phone network in the UK, donates 10% of your bill to your chosen charity at no extra cost to you. Find out how to get your free TPO sim card.

What is The People's Operator?

The People's Operator is the UK mobile operator that gives back. As a customer you can save money and make a difference too as The People's Operator gives 10% of your spend to any cause of your choice – at no extra cost to you. You can choose a large, national charity like the NSPCC or The Big Issue Foundation, right down to your local school or community centre.

From the outset, The People's Operator, like Fairphone (the ethical mobile phone company), was founded on the idea that mobile could be used to change lives for the better. Established by a founding team who have led the way campaigning for causes, non-profit organisations and ethical groups, TPO is focused on meeting progressive goals and inspiring a new generation of businesses.

Mobile phone deals

TPO mobile aims to be competitive and offers a range of excellent deals for Pay as You Go (PAYG) users and they also have products for those who prefer a Pay-Monthy SIM-only deal. They also offer a very generous 3GB data allowance. And their packages are all rolling 30-day contracts, so you don't have to tie yourself down.

Featured offer

£12.49 per month for:

  • Unlimited minutes
  • Unlimited texts
  • 6GB of data

Network coverage

So if you're thinking this is all too good to be true and are thinking I bet their network coverage is terrible, you are wrong. The People's Operator uses the EE network, the UK's biggest 3G network, which means you're getting the best mobile network coverage. 4G coverage is not yet available but apparently it plans.

I switched mobile networks to TPO last year and the service has been great. Switching over and keeping my number was really easy, thanks to the UK-based customer service team which is available 7 days a week.

How to change mobile network

When I signed up with TPO, I wanted to make sure I kept my mobile number. I'd never changed mobile operators and was a bit worried about the process. As it turned out, changing mobile networks and keeping the same number was simple. All I had to do was ask my current network provider for my ‘PAC’ Code and then call TPO Customer Services. The transfer happened only a few days later.

Get your free TPO sim card

Getting your hands on a free TPO sim card is simple. You just go to the website and complete the online form.

I love things where for little effort and without costing you a penny, you can be donating to charity. Another great one is Everyclick where every time you search the internet, you donate money to your chosen charity.

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