Green alternative to plastic sandwich bags: Reusable sandwich bag and food wrap

These green alternatives to plastic sandwich bags and cling film for packed lunches and picnics will save you money.

My friend asked me to investigate what eco-friendly options there were for wrapping up her children's sandwiches for school. She was using cling film but was worried about possible health issues and also the waste of using cling film every day she made their packed lunches for school.

Keep Leaf Sandwich Bag and Sandwich and Food Wrap

I came up with Keep Leaf who have a range of products called Litterless Lunch which includes the reusable Keep Leaf sandwich bag (or baggie as Keep Leaf call them) and their larger sandwich and food wrap. These  wraps are environmentally-friendly and come in a range of attractive designs. The wrap is secured with  Velcro to make sure your sandwich stays put. The sandwich bag has one opening with a flap secured by Velcro and the wrap cleverly opens up into a useful circular mat which my friend's little girl loves apparently. They are lined with a waterproof material and the outside is cotton. To clean them you can either wash them in the washing machine or rinse them by hand and then just hang them up. They will save you money in the long run and can also be used for snacks.  After use, either wash in the machine or rinse by hand and then hang to dry. A great littlerless solution whenever and wherever you need to eat.

Organic Cotton Insulated Lunch Bag

If you want something larger than a bag or wrap, then Keep Leaf also have a range of reusable insulated lunch bags with easy and secure Velcro closure, waterproof lining, inner ID card holder and a handle strap. They're machine washable or you can spot clean with warm water before hanging out to dry.

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