How and where to store food

If you store your food produce properly and in the right place, you can make it last longer which means you'll throw away less food and save money. So which foods should be kept in the fridge and which are best out of the fridge?


Always remove potatoes from plastic bags and keep them in the dark in a cupboard. Daylight can turn potatoes green and if you put them in the fridge it can turn starches into sugars which can make them taste sweet.


Keep garlic bulbs on your kitchen worktop at room temperature in an open basket or mesh bag with room for air circulation. I use Onya Weigh Fruit and Vegetable reusable bags which are ideal. You can buy them from the Onya ebay store. Protect the garlic by leaving on the papery outer layers. If your  garlic starts growing green shoots in the centre, you can still eat it but you should remove these shoots when chopping up the garlic as they may not be that tasty.


Onions should be stored the same as garlic so it's a good idea to keep them together in an open basket so they're well-ventilated. Keep onions away from potatoes as gases from the onions can speed up sprouting in potatoes.


If the bananas need ripening, keep them on your worktop on a banana hook to stop them from bruising. Once they're ripe they can be refrigerated. In the fridge the skins will turn black but the flesh will be fine.


Eggs are best kept at a constant temperature of 20 degrees C or below and most kitchens get hotter than this so it's best to keep eggs in the fridge in their box. Before using eggs, bring them up to room temperature.


Cold temperatures reduce the antioxidants found just below an apple's skin so don't refrigerate and instead keep in a fruit bowl.


Tomatoes are best kept in a cool place away from sunlight. Refrigeration should be avoided as cells are damaged by cold temperatures and this can affect the flavour.


Chop off the greens at the top of the carrots as they will draw out moisture from the root, place the unwashed carrots into a container with a lid and put in the fridge.



Store your bread in a bread bin or a paper bag on the worktop. If put in the fridge bread can lose water which can make it go stale.


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