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A green treat

Although I am trying to cut down on my buying of non-essentials, even green girls need a treat sometimes. Recently I stumbled across Kate Hamilton-Hunter Studio's jewellery whilst mooching about on Twitter. As my boyfriend rightly pointed out, I don't need any more necklaces but I felt I could justify whipping out my credit card to buy some lovely jewellery. Not just any old jewellery either but handmade from recycled materials by a UK company with an eco policy. Also I needed to buy a birthday present for a friend. More than enough reasons I thought…

Floral tin heart necklaces
Floral tin heart necklaces

I chose one of the studio's classic heart designs made from silver sheet which is 100% recycled and manufactured in the UK. I love the rounded shape and hammered finish and have worn it every day since.

Other materials used to produce earrings, necklaces, bracelets include reclaimed aluminium, old biscuit and sweet tins. The Original Vintage range uses vintage tins to produce one-off creations for customers who choose a design and a colour palette.

Charity hearts – The Love Hope Strength Foundation

Love Hope Strength Hearts

The studio also makes a range of hearts where for every piece sold a donation is made to The Love Hope Strength Foundation, co-founded by Welsh rock star Mike Peters of The Alarm. Designed by 14 year old Heather Clarke in memory of Heather's grandmother, Joyce Lingard, who died of cancer earlier this year. “The two necklaces symbolise the very special relationships between women within a family, especially the mother daughter relationship.”

Wedding jewellery

The studio also designs a range of wedding jewellery for brides and bridesmaids. These beautiful pieces are made in 100% recycled sterling silver and finished with Swarovski crystals and pearls. The great thing about buying from a small business who make their products by hand is that they will be flexible to fit in with your specific requirements.  These designs can also be made in coloured tin to match bridesmaid dresses.  They have tin in lots of gorgeous colours or can design commission pieces using vintage family biscuit tins. Any piece of this jewellery will make a lovely memento of the day and can be worn again and again.

Small heart cluster neckpiece
Small heart cluster neckpiece


As you would expect the packaging is environmentally-friendly and some of the most attractive I've seen which is great for presents. I know from experience not everyone appreciates their gifts being wrapped up in old newspaper!


So if you are looking for an alternative to mass-produced cheap tat, then I recommend you have a look at Kate Hamilton-Hunter Studio's website. I know these won't be my last purchases but please don't tell my boyfriend…

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All photos supplied by Kate Hamilton-Hunter Studio

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