The kestrel – photo of chicks and facts

The kestrel

© Martin Gillingham

Scientific name: Falco tinnunculus

Length: 31-37 cm

Breeding habitat: Open country, motorways, arable fields, heaths and marshes

Food: Small mammals, such as voles, and insects

Nest: In trees or holes in buildings

Identification: Medium-sized falcon with long wings and tail often seen hovering with hanging tail opened up like a fan

Call: Usually a fast series of short, sharp notes, “kee-kee-kee….”. Listen to calls on the RSPB website.


The Suffolk Owl Sanctuary at Stonham Barns is the centre for many conservation & rehabilitation activities benefitting owls and other birds of prey.

The foundation provides a rescue service plus care and rehabilitation for injured raptors.

A charity dedicated to conseving owls and other birds of prey in the wild.

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