What does 78% beach, 21% rain and 24% waterfall sound like?

Blissfully relaxing and a world way from my city life.  I've just signed up to StumbleUpon and one of the first things I've discovered is this free create your own sound composition inspired by the sounds of nature (see below to make your own soundtrack). This nature sounds player enables you to mix your own compositions of various nature sound effects (without music) and listen to them for free. Create your perfect relaxation music without having to splash out on a sounds of nature CD.

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Once you've created your your perfect sounds composition you can export it to a file. Files are saved in OGG format. If your media player does not support this, you can convert it to MP3 and then download it to your music player. Perfect for playing at night for a relaxing and soothing bedtime soundtrack to a good night's sleep and could also be used with an MP3 player as a cheap alternative to a natural sounds alarm clock. I also think it works well for massage and could also be used as meditation music.

Sounds of nature

Sounds include:

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  • Beach with the sounds of waves crashing on a beach
  • Creek
  • Forest ambience
  • Rain
  • Thunder
  • Birds – calls of forest birds , loon, seagulls, woodpeckers
  • Mammals – cat, dog, horse snort and the more traditional whale
  • Other sounds include Darth Vader, children's giggle and wind chimes

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