Re-use and recycle your Christmas cards

Don't just throw your Christmas cards in the bin. Why not use them for craft projects or recycle them for charity?

M&S christmas card recycling scheme for the Woodland Trust

Recycle your Xmas cards by taking them to your local M&S shop and you'll be helping The Woodland Trust protect our woodlands. The more cards we recycle, the more trees they will plant. Special Christmas card recycling bins will be in M&S from 02 January 2016 to 31 January 2016.

Household recycling scheme

Otherwise you should be able to recycle them in your normal household recycling scheme but check with your local council to see if they can be put in your household recycling bin container or whether they need to be taken to the recycling centre. Cards decorated with things like ribbons or glitter are more difficult to recycle.

Christmas card craft creations

Keep your cards as they make ideal art and crafts materials for projects such as gift tags, new Christmas cards and decorations for next year, napkin rings and bookmarks.

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Watch: This video has some great craft ideas which are also suitable for children.

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