Got a bee-friendly garden? Open Wild Gardens is for you

Open Wild Gardens is an easy new way for bee-friendly gardeners to help bees and wildlife

Wild lflower meadow

There can't be anyone who isn't aware of the plight faced by our bees but are you someone who has turned their garden into a paradise for these wonderful insects. If so, could you inspire others to create a safe haven for bees, other insects and wildlife? Share your passion for bee-friendly gardening with friends and family with Friends of the Earth's free pack about Open Wild Gardens, their easy new way to help bees and wildlife.

Is your garden:

  • Full of bee-friendly flowers?
  • A place where nature can thrive?
  • Free of pesticides that are harmful to bees?

If so, why not throw open the gates and invite others in, share your enthusiasm for wildlife-friendly gardening and inspire others to create a wildlife haven in their patch. It doesn't matter whether you have your own garden, a community space or an allotment, Friends of the Earth would love you to take part in Open Wild Gardens. See the Friends of the Earth website to get your free information pack.

Your tips for wildlife-friendly gardening

What are your tips for encouraging insects and other wildlife into your garden? Have you got any great resources you can share? Please post them below and I can update the post with your advice, thank you!

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