Review: E-cloth Deep Clean Mop Set

Update: April 2019

So what makes this E-cloth mop system top of the mops for me? (Apologies for the pun but I couldn't resist.) Read my review of the E-cloth mop system.

E-cloth mop

Review: E-cloth deep clean mop system

It all sounded too good to be true – a mop which was so cleverly designed that it only needed water to give my rather grubby kitchen floor a deep clean. I was a little sceptical about how the e-cloth mop system could be so effective if it was only using water.

How to use the e-cloth mop

You need to thoroughly wet the mop head and then wring it out. Attach the damp mop head to the mop by placing the mop head on the floor with the velcro side facing up. You can then attach the mop base to the centre of the head. Twist the mop handle to adjust it to the right height and you're ready to start mopping.

Be a shade greener verdict

So with my mop in hand and doubts in my mind, I started cleaning my kitchen floor. e-cloth recommend mopping in an “S” shape so you don't leave any dirt behind. Immediately, I was impressed with how quick and easy it was to use. Before I used to be on my hands and knees with a scrubbing brush splashing water everywhere and making a bit of a mess. This mop just needed to be wiped across the floor a few times to remove dirt which had been there a little too long.

Rinse and repeat

Once the pad became dirty I would remove it from the mop base, rinse under the hot tap and wring it out in the sink. You could use a bucket, if you prefer.  I would then reattach it to the mop head using the velcro pads. It was so simple I cursed myself for not having bought one of these earlier and I think you will too.

Quick drying

I particularly liked the fact that because I was cleaning with a damp (not wet) mop head it meant that the floor dried really quickly.

Lightweight mop

It's very light as it's made from aluminium and plastic and with its extendable handle can also be used on ceilings and walls. The head is attached to the base with velcro for easy application and removal for washing.

Replacement mop heads

Replacement mop heads are available so there is only ever a need to replace the head unless your over-vigorous mopping causes the handle to break in two. But with this there should be no need for too much effort.

Dusting mop head attachment

You can also buy a dusting mop head attachment to use for dry cleaning of your floor which will just attach to the mop base. Personally, this effortless cleaning is worth every penny and I'll be investing in some more e-cloth products!

Despite the number of posts I write about cleaning, it's not one of my favourite tasks. So anything that does a fantastic job and cuts down on the time I spend on housework is welcome in my house.

What floors can I use it on?

e-cloth say it's particularly effective for hard floors such as parquet, wooden, marble, laminate and tiled floors.

Can I wash the e-cloth mop head?

For day-to-day use, you can just give the mop head a rinse in warm water. You should also machine wash the mop head regularly. Put it in a wash up to 60°C and use a little detergent. I put my mop head in an old pillow case so it's not directly in contact with any other items in the washing machine. It's important not to use too much laundry detergent as it could cause a reduction in cleaning performance. If this is an issue, try putting the mop head on a hot wash without any detergent. You can then hang it up to dry or tumble dry.

You should never use bleach as this damages the fibres or fabric conditioner, which inhibits performance. If you accidentally wash your mop head with these products, wash again with a little detergent.

Note: Colour may run. Wash new cloths separately.

How does an e-cloth mop save me money?

The initial cost may be more expensive than other mops but don't forget you won't need to buy any floor cleaning products so will save money that way. The mop pads last for years and should you need to replace it you can just buy a mop head. You don't need to replace the whole mop which is eco-friendly and works out cheaper too. Don't forget the dusting mop head attachment means you can have a 2-in-1 mop.

Buy e-cloth mop and other e-cloth products

e-cloth mops and other e-cloth products are available from various online retailers including:

Ethical Superstore

Natural Collection

  • e-cloth mop system which includes handle, base and head – £19.99 plus free shipping when you spend over £50

Big Green Smile

  • e-cloth mop system which includes handle, base and head – £27.08 plus free UK mainland shipping on all orders – minimum order £50


The e-cloth cleaning system

E-cloth provides you with an easy and environmentally friendly way to clean your whole home by just adding water. There's no need to use chemical cleaners which means you save money and don't have to bring harmful chemicals into your house which means you can create a safer environment for you and your family. The manufacturers say the cloths will clean the thickest grease and dirt from all hard surfaces including stainless steel, glass, plastics, mirrors, marble, chrome, granite,  hard wood and laminate flooring. And if you normally like to use bleach or disinfectant and are worried about bacteria, don't worry as clinical tests have shown that e-cloths remove over 99% of bacteria including e-coli and listeria.

How does the e-cloth work?

e-cloths are different to other cloths as they collect dirt on the wedge shaped fibres instead of just pushing the dirt along. Each fibre cleans by breaking up and absorbing dirt and grease into the material. The natural cleaning effect of the fibres means that only water is needed to clean all hard surfaces. The e-cloth is not impregnated with chemicals so are a simple way to reduce the risk of using dangerous chemicals in the home. Poorer quality microfibre cloths are much less effective and do not last so long.

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