Review: The Ultimate Natural Beauty Bible

The Ultimate Natural Beauty Bible is a green beauty resource with recipes for home-made beauty products and natural beauty award winners.

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Sarah Stacey and Josephine Fairley are the ladies behind the Beauty Bible website and its products which includes books such as The Anti-Aging Bible and The Green Beauty Bible.

The Ultimate Natural Beauty Bible is their latest publication and came out in 2014. As the title suggests its aimed at those wanting to adopt a more natural approach to skin and body care. There's a section called “What type of natural beauty are you?” which gives you the chance to examine what's most important to you. Their books are always beautiful with stunning photography and lovely illustrations.

With the ever-increasing number of green beauty blogs, you may think there's no need to buy a book of natural beauty product reviews but I think this book is worth buying as each product is reviewed by 10 people (not just one as in the case with many blogs) and they test a large number of products. I've been a Beauty Bible tester in the past and each tester is given a detailed questionnaire to complete about each product which asks for a lot more info than you'll find in most blog posts.

Also, as well as the The Ultimate  Natural Beauty Bible winners the book includes:

  • Product reviews of their award-winning products in each section, plus runners up
  • Recipes for home-made beauty products
  • Natural beauty tips

With over 220 pages, the book's able to cover pretty much every area of beauty including chapters on:

  • Make-up
  • Skin
  • Eyes
  • Body
  • Hands and feet
  • Sun
  • Hair
  • Perfume
  • Bath and bed

Products are given a daisy rating:

  • One daisy – mostly natural with a small percentage of synthetic and/or petrochemical
  • Two daisies – botanically derived with no synthetics or petrochemicals
  • Three daisies – certified organic by one of the leading international certification bodies (USDA, Ecocert, Soil Association)

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The Ultimate Natural Beauty Bible: The award-winning products, home-made recipes and tips that really work – naturally

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