Join in the Great British Bee Count

Join the Great British Bee Count to help build a nationwide picture of bees’ health. Your help is vital as we don't have an accurate picture of the condition of bees in the UK.

We know that bees are going hungry and homeless.  A big problem is the loss of their vital habitat, with 97% of wildflower meadows gone in the past 60 years.

I was shocked to read that “Already more than 20 species of bee have become extinct – and more than a quarter are under threat.”

Why are bees important?

Bees are an essential link in our food chain the fruit and vegetables we eat are pollinated by bees.

Free bee identification app

Identifying bees is easy to do with the free app which you can get on Android from Google Play and iPhone and iPad version from Apple's app store. It's a great thing for children to get involved in too.

Find out more

The Great British Bee Count website has lots of useful information including how you can help bees, bee identification and you can submit your sightings online.

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