Collecting rainwater

Water is a valuable resource and some have dubbed it the new oil and believe that in future wars will be fought over it. A recent report showed how in the UK people are wasting water unnecessarily. Help conserve this precious resource and be more environmentally-friendly too by collecting rainwater in a water butt and use it for watering both household and garden plants as they prefer it to tap water. Tap water goes through energy-intensive purification so saving rainwater in the garden using a water tank will help save energy too which could help us save money by reducing our water bills. Rainwater can also be used to wash the car. Read more about saving water in this blog post.

Water butts, including large sizes, are available from:

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  • Nigel's Eco Store have a variety of garden water containers including an oak-effect one and slimline and spacesaver models plus water butt conversion kits so you can turn your wheelie bin into a water butt
  • Thompson and Morgan also have a range of innovative water butts

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