Designed by Nature’s exotic flower and plant jewellery

The natural world is an important part of my life so as someone who's also slightly obsessed with jewellery, I love to see pieces where the designer has been inspired by the beauty of nature.

Designed by Nature was founded by Iris Ben-David and I first came across them on Twitter. I was taken by their simple yet stunning designs “immortalising moments of ever-changing nature. Following life cycles, exotic sprouts, wondering leaves and blooms.” The first collection is about exotic flowers and includes pendants, necklaces, and earrings. The jewellery is handmade in London.

Iris says she looked at the:

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Different phases of orchids, mysterious air plant Tillandsia, seductive Heliconia and more. I tried to deconstruct them to fragments and phases and give them new life. Currently they are all made of silver and I’m working on additional metals.

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