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What is argan oil?

Argan oil comes from the kernels of the Argan tree which is found in Southwestern Morocco and it's one of the rarest oils in the world. Pure and natural argan oil has been used in Morocco for centuries by Berber women as an all-round beauty wonder product which nourishes and protects the skin, hair and nails.

Why should you use argan oil?

The raw argan oil that we use contains natural vitamin E (tocopherols) which neutralizes free radicals, acts as an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory & provides UV protection. It also has Vitamin F which aids in moisturising & anti ageing. It is a natural oil and has excellent benefits for skin, hair and nails. Raw Argan oil has many benefits for skin such as combating dryness & skin inflammation, acne, wrinkles, ageing & reducing the appearance of scars. Using the oil on your hair can leave it glossy, sleek and frizz-free.


Green Esthetics Argan Oil

Green Esthetics argan oil

Green Esthetics say that some products sold as Argan Oil aren't 100% pure and actually contain fillers, preservatives, and unnatural fragrances.

Our Argan Oil is imported directly from Morocco to the USA.  We order 100% cold pressed pure Argan Oil.  Then we add 100% natural clary sage and lavender extracts to give it a pleasant fragrance which masked the overly natural smell of raw Argan Oil and is subtle enough for use by both men and women.

Green Esthetics are certified by various natural, organic and cruelty-free organisations including Ecocert and are BUAV-approved.

Argan oil rollerball

Green Esthetics kindly offered me a few products to try including this handy argan oil rollerball. This is such a simple but brilliant idea as it's the perfect size for my handbag. It's so convenient to have a pocket-sized multi-tasking moisturiser which size makes it ideal for holidays and travelling too. The rollerball makes it easy to apply to targeted problem areas and cuticles too. Green Esthetics argan oil does have a lovely herbal scent too. I'm a big fan of using natural oils as part of my skincare regime as they work so well on your skin. I'd not tried argan oil before and this has become one of my new favourites. There are lots of argan oil products around and they're even being created by leading mainstream brands. I do truly believe that a pure, natural product is your best bet and then you can use it for wherever you need to, rather than buying a specific hair or body product, for example.

Green Esthetics argan oil rollerball
Green Esthetics argan oil rollerball

One bottle with roller ball applicator $9,99 / c. £5.89

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