Frugi organic clothing for babies, children and mums

Frugi organic clothing is the brainchild of  Lucy and Kurt who were frustrated to find that their efforts to save the planet by using cloth nappies meant they found it hard to find clothes to fit their baby's “big cloth nappy bottom”. This little hiccup meant they decided to make and sell their own baby clothes business, called Cut4Cloth.  After extending the range to nursing clothes for breastfeeding mothers, the brand name was changed in 2008 to Frugi which means ‘fruits of the earth’ in Latin.

What do Frugi sell?

Well, they're not just looking after the babies and their mum as older children get to wear their lovely, fun clothing too. I don't know if it's because I'm very immature but I really like kids' clothing and often wish Frugi clothes were available in adult sizes.

  • Baby clothes
  • Children up to 1o years old
  • Unisex clothing
  • Girls' clothes
  • Boys' clothes
  • Mother's clothes
  • Greeting cards and gifts

Don't forget to check out the Frugi sale too for some cheap bargains.

Cloth nappies

Frugi's Easyfit reusable cloth nappies are great value for money as they have been designed to fit from new-born to toddler. These aren't bland Terry towelling nappies either as they feature bold, brightly-coloured designs such as farmyard print, bumblebee print, flowers and foxes or mice and toadstools.

Clothes for new mums

Frugi haven't forgotten about mothers either and have created a range of functional yet fashionable organic breastfeeding wear. Everything is technically designed – the double layered tops have vertical openings on the under layer to keep your tummy covered at all times and the dress has a discreet panel across the bust. Their organic cotton nursing wear collection is made up of breastfeeding dresses, nursing tops, and breastfeeding nightwear.

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