Eco-friendly toothbrush with replaceable head for the green bathroom

It is recommended that you replace your toothbrush every 3 months which means in 60 years of brushing your teeth you could throw away more than 240 toothbrushes. Frisetta Kunststoff GmbH have come up with the fantastic, yet simple, idea of making a toothbrush with a replaceable head. So instead of throwing away the whole brush you just throw away the head and replace it with a new one. This reduces the amount of plastic waste needlessly going to landfill. Replacing the head is easy to do and I've never had one come off when I didn't want it to.

Monte Bianco toothbrushes and heads come in a range of colours and bristle textures including medium, sensitive and a Junior Soft one ideal for children. I bought an extra brush so I could use the spare handle with the old heads as I find old toothbrushes useful for cleaning, such as round taps and grouting. That way I get more use out of the heads before I throw them away. If anyone from Frisetta Kunststoff GmbH reads this, is it possible that you could manufacture the toothbrushes using totally or partially from recycled materials?


I've seen Monte Bianco toothbrushes and replaceable heads for sale in health shops and green shops, plus you can buy online from:

A greener toothbrush?

Do you know of a greener toothbrush? Although I think the Monte Bianco is a good product, I would like to find a toothbrush which isn't made of plastic as I am trying to reduce my plastic footprint. Plastic manufacture uses a lot of resources, including oil, and persists in the environment for possibly hundreds of years.

Dental floss

Are we really too lazy to use scissors to cut a piece of dental floss? What I'd really like is dental floss which does not come in the unnecessary plastic case with a metal bit to cut the floss so if you know of any, please post the details below. Thanks!

UPDATE: See Environmental bamboo toothbrush for the green bathroom

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