Review: EcoTools EcoPouf bath sponge

As EcoTools Relaxing Sleep Mask impressed me so much I thought I'd see what else they had to offer and came across the EcoPouf.

What is the EcoTools EcoPouf?

The first thing to say about this is that it is not what I would call a sponge. It's one of those body polishers or buffers made from netting gathered into a sort of ball shape. I think I've heard them called bath lilies in the past which is much more poetic. These body polishers are a great little invention for use in the shower of bath. You just wet the sponge, add a little of your favourite natural, organic shower gel or body wash to the sponge and use it over wet skin. The polisher creates a rich lather so a little product goes a long way saving you money. As well as cleansing your skin it also acts as a gentle body exfoliator meaning you can also cut costs as you won't need to spend so much money on specialist body exfoliating products.

What makes the EcoPouf a greener option?

EcoTools have chosen to make their body polisher from 100% recycled netting. Not only that when you've used it to the point of exhaustion then you can recycle it too once you've removed the rope. Now I know that my local council won't accept it for recycling but I could recycle it in my workplace recycling scheme.

Where to buy?

Boots sell these at £2.99 and also the mini version.

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