Become a beekeeper & other ways to save bees

One in three mouthfuls of the food we eat is dependent on pollination at a time when a crisis is threatening the world's honey bees.

You can't have missed the recent reports about the decline in the bee population and the many campaigns to save these wonderful insects who we depend on for so much of our food.

By becoming a beekeeper as well as helping to stop our honey bees disappearing, you'll gain your own supply of delicious honey and be be helping to pollinate flowering plants. The British Beekeeping Association (BBKA) run training courses and events around the country. 

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Other ways to help save endangered bees

  • Adopt a beehive ( – Support the BBKA's vital research into honey bee health, and education into good bee husbandry.
  • Bee Lovely – the fantastic organic skincare brand, Neal's Yard Remedies, are running this campaign where you can sign their petition to ban deadly neonic pesticides and raise funds for their partner charities with every purchase from their Bee Lovely range which includes handcream, bath and shower gel, busy bee balm, handwash and soap made from moisturising organic honey and energising orange and mandarin essential oils. Sounds good enough to eat!

Unless we halt the decline in British bees our farmers will have to rely on hand pollination, which will send food prices rocketing.

  • Bee Cause – Friends of the Earth are one of Neal's Yard Remedies partner charities and they also have a petition, how to build a bee hotel plus lots of other things to do including a gorgeous range of Bee Cause goods to buy.
  • Bee Strawbridge writes a great blog about the importance of biodiversity and frequently posts about bees.
  • Plan Bee – The Co-operative's Plan Bee campaign aims to address the decline in pollinators such as bees, butterflies and moths. Read more about their plan to address this and how you can get involved. They also have a game for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch called ‘The Pollinator' which is available to download now. You become ‘The Pollinator' – a bee sent back from the future to save other bees from extinction.

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