15 ways to use an old toothbrush

Before you throw out that old toothbrush see these inventive ideas of how you could re-use it:

  1. Clean mud and dirt from the soles of shoes.
  2. Eliminate laundry stains – use the toothbrush to work a dab of detergent into stains before putting the items into the washing machine.
  3. Clean fingernails – perfect for gardeners to remove soil from underneath nails.
  4. Separate your lashes after applying mascara – instead of buying an eyelash comb try using an old brush to remove those clumps and define your lashes.
  5. Clean grout, around taps, shower heads and other hard to reach areas.
  6. Groom your eyebrows and tame any wayward hairs by spraying the brush with a natural hairspray before brushing through your brows. Saves spending money on an eyebrow brush.
  7. Clean computer keyboards – a toothbrush is ideal for getting between keys and removing the dirt and crumbs from that biscuit you had with your cuppa.
  8. Exfoliate your lips – apply some lip balm to your lips, dampen the brush and run the brush on your lips in a circular motion to get soft, smooth lips.
  9. Use to clean your beauty tools such as combs, brushes, and your hairdryer.
  10. If you dye or colour your hair then a toothbrush is ideal for touching up the roots.
  11. Clean bits of food encrusted between the tines of your forks.
  12. Scrub dog poo off your shoe.
  13. Eliminate stains from your carpet or upholstery when you need to scrub targeted areas.
  14. A toothbrush is great for cleaning bottles and narrow vases.
  15. Apply dry shampoo directly to the roots and other areas where you need it and save yourself money too.

Have you got any other ideas?

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