How to clean limescale from taps and shower heads using vinegar

A natural, cheap and simple way to clean bathroom, kitchen or other taps (not brass or gold-coloured taps) is to use white vinegar.

Why use vinegar?

White vinegar is 100% biodegradable so is much more environmentally-friendly than modern household cleaners and is great for removing limescale and other mineral desposits from water. Vinegar is also cheap so as well so you can help save the planet and save yourself money too.

How to clean taps

You need a piece of old rag so this is where the old clothes or sheets you've kept to make cloths come into their own. Soak the rag in vinegar. After squeezing out the excess, wrap the cloth around the tap (or faucet) for 10 minutes. You can use elastic bands to hold the cloth in place, if necessary. Remove the cloth and use an old toothbrush to remove any stubborn dirt or limescale. Finally, using a soft, dry cloth buff up your lovely shiny tap.

How to clean a shower head

Heat up white vinegar in a saucepan and pour into a plastic bowl. Remove the shower head and immerse it in the bowl. After an hour scrub the shower head with an old toothbrush. Run the shower to remove any excess vinegar then wipe the outside of the shower head with a wet cloth and buff up using a dry cloth.



Where to buy household cleaning vinegar

Support your local hardware shop as they often sell vinegar and other traditional cleaning products or you can get it online from:

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