Eco-friendly alternatives to kitchen foil and how to recycle foil

Aluminium foil uses a lot of resources to produce so why not try these eco-friendly alternatives to kitchen foil or if only foil will do, buy recycled foil and make sure you recycle it.

When you could use an eco-friendly alternative to foil

Wrapping meat or vegetables in foil

Instead of using foil to wrap up meat or vegetables before cooking, see if a dish with a lid will do instead.


Lining a dish or tray with foil

Try just using a baking sheet instead.

Recycled foil

Recycled foil uses an incredible 95% less energy than the production of primary aluminium so when only foil will do, use recycled foil

Where to buy recycled foil

If You Care make 100% recycled foil which you can buy online from:

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How to recycle foil

  • Always wash your kitchen foil and make sure it's clean before recycling.
  • Recycle items made of foil at your local recycling bank.
  • Aluminium tins and cans be recycled in most household recycling collections.
  • Some household recycling collections also take clean foil and trays too but you should check with your local council.

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