Eco-friendly hand sanitiser: Green alternatives to hand sanitiser

Updated March 2020: Your hand hygiene is so important so when you can’t wash your hands with soap & water, try these alternative eco-friendly hand sanitisers which could be kinder to your skin than conventional hand sanitisers. I’ve also included sanitising hand washes which are an alternative to soap and require you to rinse off your hands with water.

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Hand washing with soap vs hand sanitiser

Hand washing with soap and water and then drying them thoroughly is the most effective method of cleaning hands according to the World Health Organisation but when you’re not able to do that, you can use a hand gel or hand sanitiser.

MooGoo Anti-Bacterial Hand Gel

A natural, wash-free hand gel to keep your hands clean which killed 99.9999% of germs in a time kill study. This anti-bacterial, alcohol-free, eco-friendly alternative that sanitises and moisturises with Aloe Vera and Natural Vitamin E.

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Bentley Organic Hand Sanitiser with Organic Aloe Vera

  • Proven to kill 99.9% of germs
  • Tested and passed by a British Government Laboratory to kill H1N1 Influenza Virus, Swine Flu
  • Up to 125 applications
  • Soil Association-certified – made with 90% organic ingredients
  • Organic Aloe Vera moisturises your hands
  • Alcohol, paraben and fragrance free

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Bentley Organic Moisturising Hand Sanitizer with Organic Lemon Oil

This is a similar product to the above with added lemon oil for a fresh citrus fragrance and it contains 93% organic ingredients.

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Bentley Organic Mother & Baby Hand Sanitizer

This organic hand sanitiser has been made with 90% organic ingredients for your baby’s delicate skin. It also contains moisturising organic aloe vera and is alcohol-free. “Proven to kill 99.9% of harmful viuses and bacteria including Swine Flu, H1N1, E Coli, Salmonella and Listeria.”

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Green People Organic Children Sticky Hand Sanitiser

Green People’s Sticky Hand Sanitiser is a natural and effective antibacterial hand foam with a citrus fragrance.

  • Perfect size to pop in your hand-bag or changing bag for days out
  • Organic Tree Tree extract has strong antiseptic properties
  • Good value as up to 200 squirts per bottle as a little goes a long way
  • Contains organic Aloe Vera, Tea Tree, Orange & Mandarin
  •  To clean hands just apply a small amount and rub together, no need to wash off.
  • Can also be used on a cloth to wipe faces, clean toys and high chairs.
  • Suitable for children and babies so useful for nappy changes.

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Bio D Hand Sanitising Hand Wash – Geranium

This hand sanitiser kills 99.9% of gems while also being gentle on skin and hypoallergenic. It has been naturally derived from raw materials and contains no petrochemicals, phosphates, preservatives, enzymes or synthetic perfumes. It’s used more like a soap so it you do need water to rinse your hands afterwards.

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I hope this post has helped you find an eco-friendly hand sanitiser. If you’ve got any other suggestions, please post them below.

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