How to keep cool in hot weather & at night

Too hot? Here's some tips on how to keep cool in hot weather and how to keep cool at night during a heatwave.

15 ways to keep cool in a heatwave NEW


Keep the curtains closed to keep cool in hot weather

Keeping your curtains and blinds shut during the day will stop the sun coming in and turning your house into a greenhouse.

Put fans next to windows

If you place an electric fan by a window it draws in air from outside which should be colder. Invest in a tower fan (Amazon) or just use an electric desk fan such as this one (Amazon). Chill the air by putting a bowl filled with ice in front of the fan or freeze a bottle of water and place that in the bowl.

Sleep mask

If you use this method to keep cool at night, ear plugs and a sleep mask (because it's best if you leave the curtains open) can be useful for this method if you're a light sleeper like me! I've tried more than a few sleep masks and this organic sleep mask from Aquarelle on Etsy is by far the best as I can even sleep in daylight whilst wearing it. They have a great shape which is really effective at blocking out the light and come in a range of colours from natural plant dyes.

Wear wet clothes in hot weather

If you dampen your clothes with water, then the heat of your body will make the water evaporate which will cool your skin and lower your temperature. You can ramp up the effect by using a fan to speed up the process of evaporation which will help you feel even cooler.

Use thin cotton or bamboo sheets in hot weather

Bed linen made of natural materials (instead of nylon or polyester) absorb sweat rather than leaving you covered in moisture. Try sleeping under these organic cotton sheets from Ethical Superstore.

Sleep under a damp sheet

In hot weather dampen a sheet or towel in cold water to sleep under. It's probably a good idea to sleep on top of a dry towel to avoid wetting the mattress. When I need to keep cool, I keep a spray bottle of water on my bedside table to spritz my skin and sheets. If you're having trouble getting to sleep, I've got some great tips to help you naturally sleep faster and longer.

Use a hot water bottle

A hot water bottle filled with freezing cold water popped into your bed will help you keep cool at night.

Put your hands in cold water

When your deep body temperature rises, blood is sent to the surface of the skin. As your hands have a high surface area, it will help you cool down to put them in a basin of cold water.

Eat curry and spicy foods

I never need to be encouraged to eat curry but it's good to know that eating spicy food can help you cool down. Capsaicin, a heat compound in chilli peppers, stimulates sweat production which aids evaporative heat loss.

Wear loose-fitting cotton clothes

Loose-fitting clothing allows air to circulate next to your skin again helping to evaporate perspiration. Synthetic fibres absorb heat whereas cotton absorbs perspiration. This organic cotton camisole from Ethical Superstore has a cute cat design.

Lukewarm showers

A cold shower will actually cause your body to try and preserve heat which is why a lukewarm shower in the 20s Celsius is best. It will lower the deep body temperature but still allow the blood to reach the surface of the skin.

Use your windows to increase air circulation

Open sash windows both at the top and the bottom by equal amounts to cool down a room. Warm air rises and escapes out of the top section whilst cooler air is drawn in through the bottom section. Likewise, if you have a 2-storey home then you should open windows on both floors.

Fan your face

The face has so many receptors on it that it's more effective to fan your face as you'll feel more benefit. Don't go overboard though with a manual fan and make yourself even hotter!

Put your sheets and pillow cases in the freezer

Wrap sheets and pillow cases in a plastic bag and put in the freezer so they have an instant, if short-lived, cooling effect when you get into bed.

Use a hot water bottle or heat cushion

Many of these can also be used in the freezer. I have a lavender cushion which I wrap in a plastic bag and put in the freezer. The lavender scent is great for helping me sleep too. You can buy these on Amazon.

Anti-clockwise ceiling fans

A ceiling fan should move anti-clockwise in the summer so it pulls hot air up and away from you.

What do you do to keep cool in hot weather or a heatwave?

Please share your ideas in the comments below.

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