Recycle plastic plant pots & flower pots

Plastic plant pots usually end up in landfill sites because many local recycling schemes don't accept them but some garden centres are starting to accept returned pots.


It’s estimated that we each own about 39 redundant plastic plant pots and over the UK it is suggested there are over 5 million languishing in sheds and garages.

I'm guilty of hoarding plant pots because I think they'll come in handy one day. Instead my collection just keeps on growing. It's great news that our unwanted plant pots can now be recycled and turned into new products. Innovative green company, A Short Walk, are turning your unwanted plant pots into new home and garden products such as bird feeders (see photo above), sun dials, house signs and plant labels.

Where can I recycle plastic plant pots?

Pot to Product Scheme

Find out more about ashortwalk's Pot to Product scheme on their dedicated website and see where you can recycle plastic plant pots. If your local garden centre isn't listed why not tell them about the scheme and encourage them to get involved.

Household waste and recycling centre

If you can't find a garden centre near you that will take your unwanted plant pots as part of the Pot to Product scheme, then you may be able to take them to your local household waste and recycling centre.

Local gardeners and allotment owners

You could also see if any gardeners or allotment owners in your area are in need of some plant pots or flower pots.

Eco-friendly alternatives to plastic plant pots

Amazon sell a range of eco-friendly plant pots

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